Friday, December 28, 2007

2007 Suzuki DL650 ABS V-Strom

I'm closing out 2007 with a great story - my motorcycle touring solution for 2008!

In late November, I dropped in at the local Suzuki dealership for no reason at all - just killing time. The salesman showed me his DL650 V-Strom and I was immediately hooked - finally, the perfect (affordable) touring cycle I had always wanted! I've ridden the BMW F650 and wasn't real tickled with its ergos and price tag. All other similar designs had the same dreaded dirtbike seat my NX250 was plagued with. And at a street price of $6699, the Suzuki DL650 V-Strom was a real solution for my touring Jones.

Having decided against buying a 2008 model (yellow or flat black only - yuk!), I began a search of remaining 2007 models in Oort Metallic Gray. I located several brand new ones going for just $5800 at an Alabama dealership six hours away and got the loan ready to purchase one. With check in hand, I made one last look on eBay for other offerings nearby and an awesome deal had just been posted that day - a used 2007 Suzuki DL650 ABS V-Strom with 6,234 miles and a nice list of farkles (accessories in motorcycle lingo). Right on! I called the dealership, made my deal on the phone ($6200), and asked my son if I could borrow his longbed pickup to bring it home. Saturday couldn't come fast enough...

Tommy Polson and I arrived at Pro Source Motorsports in Ft. Payne, AL on December 8th at 8:30 AM - they opened 30 minutes later. After a brief but thorough look and listen, I jumped at this jewel and wrote the check. It seemed too good to be true. Why was it sold off so early, I wondered?

It was purchased in July 2007 by an experienced rider of many bikes. He outfitted it well and discovered later that his wife would not fit well on it with him. Trading it in at his local dealer, he bought something else. I actually spoke to him on the phone when making my inquiry and he revealed a tipover on the Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway that resulted in some scratches to one of the handguards and a replaced front fender. Otherwise this bike is like new.

Original Purchase
2007 DL650 ABS V-Strom $6200 ($7199 street)
Suzuki Extended Warranty (to 2011) $400
Suzuki OEM Gel Seat $189
Suzuki OEM Center Stand $189
Hepco & Becker Engine Guards $189
Windstrom Manta Windscreen $185
Avon Distanzia rear tire $150 mounted

My Add-Ons
Kuryakyn LED Battery Gauge $31
Suzuki OEM Swingarm Spools $19
Symtec Grip Heaters $28
Bestem T-Box Hard Top Case $80
8-Fuse Eastern Beaver Harness & Powerlets $105
Battery Tender $45
Sunstar 16T Front Sprocket $26
EBC FA174 HH Sintered Rear Brake Pads $36
Bestem 992 T-Top Hard Case $80

My Modifications
Rear Power Panel (scrap diamondplate)
PVC Koozie Kooler Tube $30 (my design)
LED Side Marker Lighting $30

The Suzuki V-Stroms are popular adventure tourers in their fifth year of manufacture. They are excellent values compared to BMW and Aprilia offerings, and are well supported online with accessories and a wealth of forum-based information too. Go get you one!

December 29th: First Ride

Took Suzi out for her first roadrun today under partly sunny Tennessee skies and 50 degree afternoon temps. Ran some backroads in Powell and stopped to visit a friend and show off the new ride. The bike offers easy handling for a wide range of traffic and all the power needed to cruise the interstate. Smooth shifting and excellent seating positioning makes me look forward to longer days and destinations further away.